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Interface InanoSQLConfig

id: the database name/id. Must remain identical between app loads to persist data peer: (false) Connect database events/state between browser tabs. cache: (false) Save query results in memory, returns the cache if the table hasn't changed. mode: ("TEMP") How and where to persist data. Can be a string or adapter. plugins: (undefined) Array of plugins to use in this database planetRadis: (6,371) The number to use as the radius in CROW calculations. Change to 3959 for miles. version: The current database version configuration. onVersionUpdate: (oldVersion: number) => Promise Used to migrate database versions. path: (undefined) The path to drop file based databases into. Does not work for all database adapters. disableTTL: (false) Database uses timers to check for TTL queries, disable them here. tables: (undefined) The database tables to use, can be added later with "create table" queries. types: (undefined) A collection of types that can be used in table column definitions. Types export to interface filesw ith CLI.




  • InanoSQLConfig



Optional cache

cache: undefined | false | true

Optional disableTTL

disableTTL: undefined | false | true

Optional id

id: undefined | string

Optional mode

mode: string | InanoSQLAdapter

Optional onVersionUpdate

onVersionUpdate: undefined | function

Optional path

path: undefined | string

Optional peer

peer: undefined | false | true

Optional planetRadius

planetRadius: undefined | number

Optional plugins

plugins: InanoSQLPlugin[]

Optional size

size: undefined | number

Optional tables

Optional types

types: undefined | object

Optional version

version: undefined | number

Optional warnOnSlowQuery

warnOnSlowQuery: undefined | false | true

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